IIII KNOW A PLAAACE! I Miss you all! And question!

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IIII KNOW A PLAAACE! I Miss you all! And question!

Post by dfekt86 » Tue Dec 22, 2020 12:01 am

Hey everyone! I miss this place. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

Everyone still blasting Lemonheads on a daily basis and turning it up louder when your partner/friends say calm down? :lol:

I've been looking for ANY audio from the 2005 show in Spain @ Benicassim Festival. I know we had 4 (?) tracks in the download section way back... Ray, Confetti, Down About It***, and Into Your Arms but the rest of the show is sitting on a computer somewhere. ***(Fucking awesome.)

I remember they were selling a DVD of it 14 years ago, but I didn't purchase it.

There's this video (The DVD?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W_Si6-38t4 which is awesome...

and this video of Hospital which is the main reason I've never given up looking for this damn SHOW! Berz on the drums, Josh on bass and Evan sounding un-fucking-believable. I uploaded to youtube. Just listen to it. Best 20 seconds of audio I've ever heard in my life.


Anyone else been looking like me or anyone else just love this performance?

Soulseek is usually best for shows but it's never turned up in my searches. I search on a weekly basis for this one, not joking.

Cheers. All the best!
Matt Brooker

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