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Post by mallocup » Wed Apr 05, 2006 11:15 am

Is this an official website?
No, we aren't officially affiliated with Evan Dando or the Lemonheads.

So...who runs this site?
The site is run chiefly by Roo (forum name mallocup) with help from Stu (lutewhine). If you have any queries regarding the site or forum, please email editor @ evandando.co.uk (remove the spaces!), or send either of us a private message through the forum.

When will there be a new album?
The last Lemonheads studio album was an album of cover versions called 'Varshons' released in 2009.
In 2012, they released a best of collection 'Laughing All The Way to the Cleaners' and some old recordings 'Hotel Sessions'.
Thanks to a twitter post from Ryan Adams, rumours circulated in late 2012 of a new Lemonheads album in production with involvement from Ryan, Ben Deily and Juliana Hatfield - our latest information (as of Jan 2013) suggests this isn't happening.

When will Evan or the band play in my town?
We keep a list of all upcoming tour dates [url=http://www.evandando.co.uk/live.htm#upcoming]here[/url].

I forgot my password - what now?
Please don't just set up another ID. Enter your details [url=http://evandando.co.uk/forum/profile.php?mode=sendpassword]here[/url] to reset your password. If you have forgotten the username but know what email address you signed up with please mail me and I'll help you retrieve your account details.

How can I upload an avatar?
Unfortunately, we have an ongoing issue with avatars not uploading to the forum. You can either link to an offsite image, or email me a copy of the picture you want, and I'll add it to your profile.

How do I include an image in my post?
First you will need the url for your image. If you want to use a picture that is on your computer, you will first need to upload it to a webpage. http://www.photobucket.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; are a good free image hosting service. Once you have the url simply click on the Img button, enter the url, then press the img button again.

How do I include a quote box in my post?
Simply click on the quote button in the top right hand side of the post you wish to quote. Please do not use this function to reply to the post directly above yours, and please do not quote posts that contain images.

I am trying to send a PM (private message) but it seems to be stuck in the outbox?
This just means the recipient has not yet read the message. Messages stay in your outbox until read, then move to your sentbox.


There's a file listed in the Downloads section that I'm longer able to download. How can I get this file?
Files are kept online for two weeks (bandwidth permitting), and new downloads are added every Friday. If you have missed a file you wanted, you can either look for someone who will trade you a copy, or sit tight and wait for our next happy hour (these are occasional days when we have all prior downloads up for grabs).

Can I share a file via the downloads section?
We welcome submissions from members, please contact lutewhine or mallocup to arrange sending over your files. Please note that we like to stick to live shows, tv appearances etc. and that MP3s of officially released tracks are not permitted to be shared/traded via this site.

What does Jello Fund contributor mean?
Users with the Jello Fund icon displayed under their name/avatar have made donations to the running costs of the site.